Power Chargers (also known as Power Banks or Power Sticks) are in a class of their own when it comes to promotional merchandise. Unlike badges, pens or mugs, they literally act as a ‘life-saver’ for people on the go and provide a long-lasting brand presence. So, whether you’re heading to a festival, or travelling extensively for work, the Power Chargers will prove their worth over and over again.



This is #1 consideration. Make sure you buy a charger which is suitable for powering your device.

The capacity of a Power Charger is measured in mAh (Milli Ampere Hour). To establish the capacity of your phone, take a look at the battery, or simply Google it!

So, if you have a phone with 1500mAh battery, ideally a charger with a capacity of 1500mAh will do the job. Bear in mind, the output voltage of the charger must be the same as, or more than the device being charged, otherwise it won’t work!

The most common mAh is between 1,300 and 2,600. For instance, the iPhone 5s has 1,500mAh, while a lap top will be around 10,000mAh.


Most Power Chargers are supplied with a USB cable which enables you to charge the Power Charger from a computer or mains...but beware, they rarely are supplied with connectors to charge the mobile device! To buy them separately will cost about £5.

You’ll be relieved to know all our Power Chargers are supplied with a set of connectors as standard and the prices quoted on this site INCLUDE the cost of connectors.

Presentation styles

There is a huge range of shapes, styles and finishes available, including wood and aluminium...some even illuminate!

Not only can your logo be applied to the chargers, they’re also available in branded pouches and gift boxes.


The price of a charger generally reflects its capacity (in the same way that the price of a USB stick reflects the amount of memory).

Prices start from under £5, but remember to choose a capacity that’s appropriate for your devices.

Due to fluctuating exchange rates, it’s only possible to provide guideline prices on this site. However, once you’ve chosen a suitable Power Charger, we’ll provide an accurate quote based on your exact requirements.

If you require products in the USA, please visit the technology page of our sister company All In One Merchandise USA, we have a constantly growing range of chargers and power banks there.

Timing & quantities

If you’re running against a tight schedule, it’s possible to turn round a branded unit within c2 weeks, with a minimum quantity of 50 units.

But with an extra few weeks, sourcing from the Far East provides better value for money, with minimum quantities starting from as little as 100 units.