Iphone keyring charger

IPhone Keyring Charger

IPhone Keyring Charger Ever run out of phone battery right when you need it? This basic IPhone keyring charger is the perfect accessory when out and about, making your phone batter last throughout the day. Whether it be taking pictures with your friends or listening to your favourite podcast on the route home. This very affordable product is available […]

Clip Power Bank

Clip On Power Bank

Need Power on the go? Then look no further than this clip on power bank which can charge up your mobile devices whilst on the go. With 3000mAH and can be branded with your company logo on.

Slim Power Banks

This stylish and trendy Slim Aluminium power bank with 4000 mAH. The power bank can be charged by USB cable and is suitable for charging the most common mobile devices including iPad’s. It has a torch and LED lights which indicated the charge on the power bank.This power bank is available in a variety of […]

Car Power Bank with torch

Description: Car power bank and torch. Aluminium case with integrated 1400mAh battery to charge your mobile phone and torch with different light functions. The inside battery can be charged in your car and then be taken out to have that extra battery power wherever you need it. Need leaflets in a hurry, contact our sister […]

Brandcharger Powerboost

This portable power supply on a keychain has an integrated USB connector for easy charging on a USB port. It works with all USB charging cables to charge most mobile devices. It has a 1600mAh capacity and a circular area for your full colour domed logo with an LED backlight to illuminate your logo when […]

Power Jacket

The Sticky Power is a high capacity power bank with a really cool designer jacket. Need printing in a hurry call our sister company, http://www.stalbans.marketing/print

Laminated Power Bank

A stylish illuminated Power Bank with high capacity 2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery.A fashionable way to charge your mobile devices. This product has a sleek mirror finish when not in use and lights up your logo on display when charging you phone or portable devices. This Power Bank can be recharged and used thousands of times […]