A unique power block with a Built in cables for your phone.

Power Bank With Built in Cable

Power Bank with attached cables. Are you tired of lugging around your long phone cables and a chunky power block all the time? Well look no further, as this Power Bank has attached cables for an iPhone 5! This means you will only ever need to remember one item to charge your phone. These power blocks […]

Iphone keyring charger

IPhone Keyring Charger

IPhone Keyring Charger Ever run out of phone battery right when you need it? This basic IPhone keyring charger is the perfect accessory when out and about, making your phone batter last throughout the day. Whether it be taking pictures with your friends or listening to your favourite podcast on the route home. This very affordable product is available […]

iPhone 6 Case Charger

No Cables Attached

Out and about? Phone battery low? Look no further with our iPhone 6 Charger Case. A PowerCharger phone case that allows you to charge your mobile device without needing plug sockets nor cables! With 4 trendy colours to choose from, this product is a perfect promotional product for companies up to date with current tastes and […]