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Eco-Friendly doesn’t have to be Hippie

Eco-Friendly Power Banks We have always had an ever growing impact on the environment. Since 2011, environmentally friendly products have become more popular due to increased awareness of this fact. Some people think that being environmentally conscious means that you have to make sacrifices. But, on the contrary eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hippie. Oh, it […]

Light Up Power Bank

Light Up Your Brand

Don’t buy a sub-standard power bank, buy our Light Up Power Bank instead. With a capacity of 2,200MaH, this highly innovative light up phone charger is perfect for getting your brand noticed. Packaged in a gift box with a micro usb phone charger, suitable for most smartphone devices- fantastic for any customer. For more information, visit […]

3D PowerCharger

The 3D PowerCharger

Want a PowerCharger that stands out from the rest? Our new 3D PowerCharger will do just the thing. Made from soft PVC, we can mould the PowerCharger into any shape, design and colours you can begin to imagine. They are truly bespoke, great fun, and a perfect way to stay charged on the go! With […]

6in1 Power Charger

Versatility at its best

Our new 4000mAh 6in1 Power Bank is the perfect travel companion for you. This handy piece of tech can charge your devices on the move as well as featuring a Bluetooth enabled media player, Bluetooth hands-free phone and TF Card Player. Ultimately, the 6in1 Powerbank is a perfect promotional giveaway to make your brand get […]

4 in 1 pen

4 in 1 Powerbank Pen

A must have product for any office, the 4 in 1 Powerbank Pen which chargers up your mobile devices, acts as a stylus, a pen and a screen cleaner all rolled into. Prices from £6.99 a unit and minimum quantities just 50 units.

Power Speaker

A quality power bank to charge your mobile and tablet devices which comes in array of colours. The Power Bank doubles up as a speaker. The Power bank can be branded with your company logo on so makes for an ideal company gift. Need a design for your power bank, contact our sister company