High Capacity Power Bank

High Capacity Power Bank. Looking for a high capacity power bank that can charge your electrical device numerous times? We offer a large variety of power banks which can hold up to 20,000mAh. These power banks are suitable for most devices including iPhones, Android and tablet PC. The high capacity power banks comes in three […]

Beauty Powerbank

Beauty Powerbank

The Beauty Powerbank, a must have dual-use product that can be used on a daily basis.  Elegantly disguised as a Handy Mirror with a built in 3000mAh 2.1a Powerbank, making it perfect for charging Smart Phones & Tablets and saving up bag space! Prices start from £14.99 and minimum quantities just 25 units.

Handy guide to buying powerchargers

Thinking about buying a power charger but not sure where to start? Take a look at our handy guide to everything you should take into consideration when buying powerchargers here: http://powerchargers.co.uk/about-power-chargers-power-bank…/

Bamboo Power Bank

Bamboo Power bank

Take a look at the new Bamboo power bank. With its sleek, professional, bespoke design it’s made from high quality bamboo to make your company stand out. With a large engraving area for your logo or design, the bamboo powerbank is the latest in style mixed with branding functionality. Pick up yours today, with lead […]

Power chargers for Women

Are you looking for a power charger with a more feminine touch? We have a great range of powerchargers designed for the more effeminate client. Perfect for promotions for makeup companies or salons, we have a new range of powerchargers designed just for your clientele. Take this lipstick power charger, with a great brandable space […]