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Your Own Power Charger Brand

Power chargers are universal products that see continued use. Third-party power chargers are now more popular than ever. Last year, Apple opted to stop including power adapters with iPhones in an effort to reduce waste. While this decision may have had some environmental and economic benefits, it has created a major headache for countless customers. Thus, the power charger market has exploded with new companies entering the fray, and profits have boomed. There has never been a better time to establish your own power charger brand!

Successful Examples

So, what exactly do successfully competing power charger brands do correctly? The likes of Anker or Belkin commonly utilised multiple USB sockets, and with Wattage ranging from 20 (standard for Apple chargers) all the way up to 65. The sheer success of these companies forced Apple to lower its charger prices. However, now the competition is continuing to go from strength to strength with wireless chargers!

Wireless chargers have taken the market by storm. These products are practical, stylish, and, frankly, cool. Focussing on this emerging opportunity is the way to grab a foothold within this market. Apple themselves seem unable to keep up with the development of wireless chargers. But how do we know this? Apple sells Belkin wireless chargers on their site as opposed to designing their own comparable products!

Go Wireless

When choosing your own wireless charger, power and speed are integral components but the design is arguably more important. Nowadays, many chargers will boast similar levels of performance, so making sure you catch the eyes of customers is utterly integral.

Many of the most popular chargers feature more minimalistic designs. Branded tech products succeed when they feel mature, powerful and refined. Select the perfect colour for your brand, then consider finishing your design with a well placed logo.

Customised Tech Products

Promotional tech products, in general, are common and effective forms of merchandise. The process of creating said merch can be complicated, and in many cases a marketing company such as All In One Marketing will be contacted to manage the project. Companies such as this offer a wide range of brandable options. 

Overall, your own power charger brand is a great way to profit within the tech market. Why not see for yourself?

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